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Nav Bharat Infrastructure Co. in collaboration with Hill & Smith Ltd. (UK) who specializes in Road Safety Products, Introduces Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence(WRSF) which is a Flexible Type Crash Barrier made up of pre-stretched wire rope widely used around the world in over 38 countries in last 30 years. Brifen WRSF have been developed over the year to safely redirect and contain errant vehicles by preventing them from crossing the barrier by deflecting back the vehicle into the traffic flow. Brifen’s unique interweaving of the wire ropes are designed to absorb the energy of the impact, minimizing injury to passengers and damage to vehicles. It has a history of highly successful use during which it has made a significant contribution to road safety throughout the world.

Vision and strategy

Our vision is to be the number one road safety and road infrastructure solutions provider in Country.

  • > Our strategy is focused on the main pillars.
  • > Strengthening and further developing our strong positions in our home markets.
  • > Driving growth in selected attractive product niches and geographies.
  • > Leveraging our combined capabilities, further capturing scale benefits of Groups.
  • > Through our extensive geographical footprint and broad products and solutions.
  • > We are well positioned to capitalise on favourable markets trends and delivers.
  • > Our ambition of further revenue and earnings growth, both organically and through accretive acquisitions.
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